most frequently asked questions

OK. Where do I send my demo?
Sorry we do not accept demos.
Why did you guys make this site?
We wanted to provide a reliable place to go to on the Web to get good noise music mp3s without having to sort through so much trash. Plus, this site is the base for the Harshnoise label and serves as a good spring board for information about the releases on the label.
I have a noise project! Where do I upload my mp3s?
What sets this site apart from other mp3 sites is that it's run like a music label... not another Internet free-for-all. We do not allow artists to upload their own material to the site. All of the uploading is done by the Webmasters, Tim & Bob. In the future we might let select artists manage their own pages, but for now it's all done by us. Oh, and artists are invited to have tracks on by invite only. This may sound like we're being weenies or something, but that's the way things are run here.
How do I listen to the cool noise tracks you have on this site?
All tracks found on this site are encoded into the MP3 format. You must have an audio player installed on your computer to be able to listen to tracks. There are plenty of audio playing applications to be found on the Internet for just about any operating system. Try doing a Web search and find the player that's compatible with your computer and operating system.